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Meet the content creators, and writers behind the scenes at TV After Dark & Partners.

“From the top, pushing us and pushing us has been Romancia, underpinning us with her altruistic values and incredible work-ethic. It’s inspired us to create content and continually learn, and it’s something we’ll never stop striving for. “ ~ Nicola Choi (Contributor)

Romancia Walcott

Founder/Editor-In-Chief (Wonder Woman)

Nerdeek, Adventurer, Story Teller, Middle Earth, Time Traveler...An ordinary girl trying to live life with no regrets.

Shenna Pinkett

Director of Social Media (She-Hulk)

Director, Social Media at @TVAfterDark & @hellonerdeek. Francophile & Potterhead. The answer is always ice cream. Pronounced She-(n)na not Shen-na.

Carl Parent

News Editor (Spiderman)

A computer scientist and software developer. When he isn't gaming, reading, watching anime, or obsessing over the latest comic book show or movie, Carl can often be found playing with PHP code and listening to Japanese metal or hard rock.

Andee Ga

Senior Writer/Event Coordinator

Candace Wilson

Contributor/Podcast Host

Katie Laughlin

Community Manager/Batgirl

Katie lives in the LA area and has had a passion for writing, TV, sci-fi, and superheroes since she was a kid.

Jennifer Yen

Senior Assitant Editor (Jedi Knight)

I'm a mind-reading geek MD during the day and bestselling author of YA fantasy series The Avalon Relics by night. I am a lover of great books, binger of television series, and enthusiastic fanfiction creator. I enjoy all things science fiction and fantasy, Marvel, and Disney/Pixar related. I'm a Trekkie, Jedi, Whovian, X-Phile, Shadowhunter, Stitcher, Potterhead, Browncoat, Tribute, Austenite, and so much more. Connect with me on Twitter (@Storytellingdoc), IG (@author_jenyen), or Facebook!

Christopher Bourque

Senior Editor (Jedi Master)

Christopher was born, raised and has lived his entire life in Tennessee. He has a passion for movies, television, reading, history, comics and is an avid Whedonite. His current favorite shows are Continuum, The Walking Dead, The Last Ship, Defiance, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Blacklist. When not delving into the nuances of his pastimes, Christopher also loves sports and can be found watching college football or basketball. But compelling stories and characters arcs that unfold in spectacular tales is where his heart really lies. Talking and writing about these moments in his favorite shows led him to connect with other fans via Twitter and has inspired him to put his thoughts out to the world to read.

Zoe Walcott

Director of Marketing

Ana Carmen

Digital Media Producer/Contributor

Valerie Gritsch

Writer (Half Blood)

Valerie is a born and raised in New York City; a city that helped nurture her love of entertainment from a very early age. She loves music, history, baseball, and dogs. When she's not crying or screaming over those things, you can find her studying fandom, or binge watching Parks and Rec for the 100th time.

Malasha Parker

Contributor (Muggle)

Sophia Myers

Contributor (Muggle)

Nika Marie

Contributor (Muggle)

Sarah Cudlipp

Contributor (Muggle)

Stacey O'Neale

Contributor (Muggle)

Lisa Casas

Contributor (Muggle)

Theresa Peters

Contributor (Muggle)

Danielle Pitter

Contributor (Muggle)

Andy Behbakht

Contributor (Muggle)

Karena Ardaji

Contributor (Muggle)

Brittany Rae

Contributor (Muggle)


Where are they now?

Nicola Choi

Director of Editorials (Thor)

24. Uni of Manchester. Pharmacist. Online Content Editor.

Denisha Williamson

Contributor (Muggle)

Denisha Williamson was born in the country - literally. Find Kannapolis, North Carolina on a map. Ah, but she had big city dreams and moved to a slightly bigger city, Gainesville, Florida. She's now 33 years old,owns and operates 2 self owned businesses and has 6 book related tattoos (2 being Harry Potter related) She loves, All things movies, books, reading and cooking for her 13 year old son , Jaylin and Fiancé, Melanie.

Carolina Perez

Contributor (Muggle)

Faith Bektas

Where are they now?

Ashley Myles

Publishing her own book series.

Benoit Schrijnemakers

Reality TV Winner for #THRU


Graham Robert Eveleigh

Production Management Assistant for The Archers at BBC

Tiffany Brown

Traveling the World

Daniel White

Dhalyn Warren

University in London Studying Fashion

Ronni Ebel

Passed Away from Cancer 2017

Mary Ann Kackley

Passed Away from Cancer 2014