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Sat - 9:00AM-5:00PM
Sundays by appointment only!



Roundtables and our Podcasts are driven by fan opinion and experts in their field, so if you’re an opinionated fan or expert that loves pop culture, it’s the perfect place for you.

At a round table, there's no dispute about place.

Rountables highlight the best thing about any fandom - the fans. If you’re the type of fan that finishes every episode dying to discuss it, our roundtables are the place for you. Make your opinions heard by fellow fans, showrunners, and actors!

What to expect as a guest.

Guests provide the bulk of a roundtable article, and as a guest, your thoughts will be the central purpose of the piece. Guests should have acceptable grammar and spelling, and should be able to articulate their thoughts in a way that is easy to understand and never unnecessarily negative or hateful.

  • Receive email questions from a roundtable moderator immediately after the episode airs.
  • Answer questions within 24 hours
  • Keep answers between 50 and 100 words
  • Join our roundtable Facebook group where fans like yourself engage (and commenting can win you a mystery gift related to pop culture!)
  • Share your article across social media and with your family and friends

What to expect as a moderator.

Moderators do a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Moderators gather guests, send out questions, and format articles. They also write the intro and closing paragraphs of roundtable articles. It’s more time consuming than being a guest, but it’s also more rewarding - moderators get the byline on roundtable articles. Moderators should have excellent grammar and spelling, and should be able to eloquently summarize an episode. They should also have (or be willing to learn) WordPress skills.

  • You will be assigned a senior editor to help you through the process of creating, publishing and sharing your roundtable article.
  • Find guests for your roundtable. (We provide the method and strategy on how to do this)
  • Create 7 questions and email them to guests after each episode.
  • Create your roundtable article and share it on social media.


"In one of the best episodes of the season yet, “There but for the Grace of god, Go I” was absolutely perfect. From the writing, to the cinematography and the scares in between, everything flowed so well!" – Moderator Sophia


TV After Dark is a fan-driven website through and through.
We were created by fans, for fans, and everything on the website is written by someone who truly loves the topic.
The goal is for our articles to generate a sense of community and fandom
we aren’t here to tell you how to feel, we are here to feel it with you!

Sometimes written words just don’t cut it!


Our podcast covers a wide variety of entertainment topics. We’ll have weekly discussions of television, gaming, movies, conventions, and more! Not to mention our audience participation trivia and our can’t-miss TV themed discussions.

What to expect as a guest.

Guests have more fun! As a guest, you’ll be expected to have the proper equipment, but other than that, you pretty much just show up and chat TV! If your podcasting interest is more casual, being a guest is perfect for you.

What to expect as a host/cohost.

Hosts and cohosts put in the work, but they also reap the reward. As a host, you’ll have a regular spot in the podcast, and you’ll have more creative freedom over the content of the show! If you’re looking to make podcasting a career, or you just have an unbridled passion for your subject, hosting is perfect for you.

  • A podcast microphone (decent ones can be found on amazon for $30-$100)
  • Access to Skype (download here: skype.com)
  • A knowledge of (or willingness to learn) podcast editing tools (GarageBand, ect.)

What are you talking about?

Podcast discussions range from sci-fi, anime to superhero series and films. Below are just a few we'd love to get started.